It's war!!

You gotta love ’em. Seriously. I do.

Internet Group Anonymous Declares “War on Scientology”

(PRLog.Org) – Jan 21, 2008 – CLEARWATER, Florida – Anonymous announced their intention to combat the activities of the Church of Scientology on Monday. A spokesperson said that the group’s goals include bringing an end to the financial exploitation of Church members and protecting the right to free speech, a right which they claim was consistently violated by the Church of Scientology in pursuit of its opponents.

This announcement came as a response to attempts by the Church to keep secret an internal video meant to be viewed only by Scientologists, featuring actor Tom Cruise. Despite their efforts, the movie was leaked and rapidly spread across the Internet. The video caused much controversy, and members of Anonymous posted a message to several of their websites proclaiming war against Scientology. Soon after, Anonymous struck at the church; they blocked access to its website, made prank calls, organized protests, distributed anti-Church pamphlets and information, and extracted secret files from the Church of Scientology and its parent company, the Religious Technology Center.

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  1. I am totally with them, but they ganged up on a wrong guy recently. I just read it this morning. Can’t find it now, but he sounds as a real bystander.

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