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Here’s from Hot Air:

Press hates NSA data mining; public, not so much:

The media is aghast but the rabble stubbornly cling to their belief that (a) there might just be something to this terrorism thing, and (b) fighting it with a mass eavesdropping program is okay if the program doesn’t actually involve, you know, eavesdropping.

I’m sure if I spent a few more nanoseconds in my aggregator, I could find many more story-quotes, pro and con.

I’m not one of those who are paranoid about any sort of government agency having any kind of information about me. Also, I am not one of those who cheerfully say, “Hey, I have nothing to hide! Let the government eavesdrop all they want.”

I can’t say I don’t mind that the NSA keeps this database… I actually have no feelings one way or another. It’s the NSA we’re talking about… can any of this be a surprise? And there’s nothing we can do to make them stop. The best way we can deal with Big Brother sometimes is to ignore him. Drives him nuts, probably.