Jews on Mars

Gotta have some levity here in the morning to get me through this week… Jews on Mars In a stunning development, we have learned that there is life on Mars — but not the kind that had been anticipated. The first indication, based on the current U.S. space mission, came when the small roving vehicle Continue reading Jews on Mars


A thousand people, it seems, came to our house earlier. I would be overwhelmed, and so would Buck, were it not for one fact: none of them wanted to see us. They all, bless them, came to see my son, including 2 cute girls, who he had the sense to be nice to. I missed Continue reading 1000

tooth replacement

I have spent yet another morning in the lap of modern dentistry. To be exact, I spent the morning in a very comfortable dental chair, while my friendly dentist drilled some of my bottom right molar away. They don’t do crowns like they used to — the dentist takes only the bad part of your Continue reading tooth replacement