tooth replacement

I have spent yet another morning in the lap of modern dentistry. To be exact, I spent the morning in a very comfortable dental chair, while my friendly dentist drilled some of my bottom right molar away. They don’t do crowns like they used to — the dentist takes only the bad part of your Continue reading tooth replacement

qotd 2

This priceless bit from Human Cargo: Conversation *  |   Posted 2 days ago Via MSN: bête noir says: Ooo, you know what I found out last night? At the xmas party? kennedy™ says: What’s that? bête noir says: The articling students had a _pool_ on which summer students would be hired. I only met two of them, Continue reading qotd 2

cats and shoes

It’s days like today that make me realize even more how much I’ll miss the summer. It’s warm, in the 60’s, and the clouds have gone away for now. James is roasting the day’s coffee beans, and the occasional ventings from the roaster keep the coffee-house well-scented. Folk music is on the stereo, and the Continue reading cats and shoes


It is a luxury to leave the window open in this perfect weather, after the dreadful hot summer, and listen to the crickets and katydids. I turn down the volume on the television to hear the insects better. Much hurry over small things: the cat needed her once-daily ear-drops, and her twice-daily antibiotic. Her ear Continue reading Evening