Canada leads the way

Canada is being rather visionary here, and I send a great shout of congratulations in a general northerly direction. I am glad that there is one Western country that is able to take a stand, and not deal in this mealy-mouthed neo-Nazi type of moral equivalence that so many Democrats in this country deal in. Continue reading Canada leads the way

Gotta love Hamas when they start cracking jokes like this

I mean, pigs must be growing wings about now! I’ve added special emphasis to the last sentence. It’s the funniest of them all. Hamas: We need peace more than any nation: “Our people are in need more than any other nation on earth for peace, for security and stability. Our government will not spare any Continue reading Gotta love Hamas when they start cracking jokes like this

Not a good sign

But not unexpected, either. I’ve long figured that Islamofascists tend to see America and Israel as a single entity, anyway. Israel May Be Next al Qaeda Battleground » Outside The Beltway | OTB: AP’s Steve Gutman reports that there is mounting evidence that Israel and the Palestinian territory are becoming an al Qaeda target. Technorati Continue reading Not a good sign

Return the territories?

Wonder what, exactly, Abbas is angling for in this particular play? Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World: Palestinian Authority sources said Saturday afternoon that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was considering resigning from his post, dispersing the PA, and returning control of the territories to Israel. Technorati Tags: Continue reading Return the territories?