How the enemy works

Wonderfully detailed article. This is how Hezbollah works. Counterterrorism Blog: Inside Hizballah’s decision-making Hizballah’s decision to kidnap the two IDF soldiers was taken by Sheikh Hassan Nasserallah and the other six members of the Shura Karar, its supreme decision-making body.

How Hamas defines "moderate"

Israpundit » Blog Archive » Hamas Threatens Israel with the Chemical Weapons They Amassed While They Where Moderating: Presumably, they amassed these chemical weapons during the last few months that the international press kept reporting on their impending “moderation” (lots of moderates amass chemical weapons – haven’t you heard?) At this point, we’d post links Continue reading How Hamas defines "moderate"

Self-hating Jews

For one, this is a reminder to myself that the tribe that I’m about to join is not quite entirely a unified one. For another, we have a remarkable and continuing panoramic view of a famous professor of linguistics on a self-destruct course. MEMRI: Latest News: According to Hizbullah’s Al-Manar TV network, Professor Noam Chomsky Continue reading Self-hating Jews

Listening in

Here’s from Hot Air: Press hates NSA data mining; public, not so much: The media is aghast but the rabble stubbornly cling to their belief that (a) there might just be something to this terrorism thing, and (b) fighting it with a mass eavesdropping program is okay if the program doesn’t actually involve, you know, Continue reading Listening in