Odd members of the citrus family

I have never seen an etrog before. Those of you who are, like me, not observant Jews, might wonder, “What is an etrog?”

It is a fruit. Of the citrus family. I think they are not eaten, though, like are their cousins, the orange, the lemon, and the lime.

Less than 24 hours to the start of Sukkot, during which these fruits are necessary. Of course, now, a brisk market is occurring in etrogs, lulavs (palm fronds) and willow branches.

What an etrog looks like: Take a lemon. Take a lime. Marry them together in such an unholy union that their offspring are piebald. Take these offspring and put them through such difficult exigencies that their own offspring are warped, wrinkled, and asymmetrical. This is an etrog.

Tomorrow, at the start of Sukkot, I find out what they’re for.

Wish me luck.