another world

My friends at the Sukkot dinner tonight were still astonished that I’d simply gone to Bethlehem yesterday. They didn’t know you could do that. And unplanned, too. “She just took a taxi there…”

Most lasting image of the trip: Beit Jala, the walls…

All walls throughout the world draw posters to them like magnets. Therefore, at first I paid no attention to the multitude of small posters on the walls of the houses of Beit Jala. After all, these didn’t seem to be advertising anything, as far as I could tell. They were simple white pages with photograph portraits of teenagers on them, smiling or looking smart, the various expressions one is used to seeing on all the teenagers one comes across.

But why would anyone plaster up so many pictures of teenagers? Then I remembered I was in Beit Jala. I was seeing the suicide bombers’ portraits.