Malaysia is run by an idiot

The Malaysian Prime Minister said that Jews control the world. All this time I thought it was gravity, but, no, it was the Jews! When there was a big uproar against his statements, the PM said that only proved that Jews control the world. It’s good we have Malaysian Prime Ministers to figure things out like that for us.

You probably are wondering why the Jews get blamed for everything and not someone else like the Polynesians. Well, it’s because “Jews” is easy and fun to yell. Try it right now. Just shake your fist in the air and shout, “JEWS!” Isn’t that fun.

And any time you spill ketchup on yourself, drop your pen, or run out of toilet paper, instead of moping there feeling sorry for yourself, it’s a lot more satisfying to shout out angrily, “JEWS!”

Anyway, the Jews do have an overly large influence in the world if you think about it. Why are bagels so good and plentiful in New York City? It’s because of the…


Why is their kosher salt available at the supermarket? It’s on account of…


Ever been called a “schmuck” or accused of having “chutzpah”? People wouldn’t use those words if it weren’t for the…


Seen a synagogue in your town? It’s only there because of the…


I’ve also heard that the Jews killed Jesus (actually, there’s a whole film produced by Mel Gibson coming out about the crucifixion of which the working title is Look What Those Pesky Jews Did!). It seems strange to get angry about that, though, since Jesus came back to life a few days later; no harm, no foul. But did you know that Jesus was Jewish? Maybe Christianity is some big Jewish conspiracy. Ever get annoyed about having to get up early on a Sunday to go to church? Well, it’s because of the…




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One thought on “Malaysia is run by an idiot

  1. Are you sure Jesus was really Jewish?

    He was certainly from the Hebrew tribe, but since what the world now knows as Judaism is based mostly on the Talmud, which was not compiled and set in writing until centuries after Christ’s death, would Jesus really have considered himself of the Jewish faith as it is currently conceived?

    Further, the Talmud is based on the oral tradition and interpretations of the Pharisees, whom Jesus was at distinct odds with. As you are no doubt aware, in Jesus’ time the Hebrews were divided into a number of competing religious sects: Pharisees, Saducees, Essenes, Zealots, etc.

    Modern Judaism, outside of the Reform movement I suppose, is distinctly Pharisaic in that its basis on the Talmud sprang from the the oral traditions of the Pharisees.

    Given his oppostion to the Pharisees and their ultimate influence over what has become Judaism, would Jesus really have considered himself to be a Jew?

    Ethnically, yes, Jesus was probably a Hebrew from the same blood line as the modern Sephardic Jews native to the Middle East. But that then raises the question of whether or not Judaism is a race or a religion.

    If you restrict the meaning of “Jew” to a member of the tribe of Judah, or to a resident of Judea, then one might accurately describe Jesus as a Jew. But to consider Jesus a Jew in the sense that he was someone who would find a comfortable home the world of the Talmud is debateable.

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