My own cliché

Somebody once told me that the last people who were fair game for being badmouthed were those of us who are not morning people. I work best at night, and now that my son is old enough to drive himself to school (hey, he says he goes there), I don’t have to be up at the stroke of dawn every morning.

And I am surrounded by choruses of “I get so much work done before breakfast!” and “But that’s the best part of the day!” Those of us who like the night get no respect. There are no matching night-clichés for me to fire right back at the vicious morning people who assault me with their knowing smiles when I manage to drag myself to the coffee house right before lunch.

I’m starting to feel that it’s imperative that I come up with a couple of good lines and repeat them to others often enough to make them clichés, at least in my own life. Who knows? I could start my very own meme.

This has possibilities…