Next Tuesday

In a very few days is the Ohio addition to the primary vote tally. I don’t want to think about it, because I hate thinking about politics and the evil it’s done to people I love. But I have plans for that day.

I’m gonna declare myself a Democrat.

“So..?” you say. However, I live in Cincinnati. That’s in Hamilton County, Ohio. This county has the third most powerful Republican organization (of which my husband was chairman for almost a year before the crazies in the Religious Right threw him out for refusing to support their candidates) in the country. Orange County, CA, is ahead of us. And probably NYC. But what that means In Real Life is that there is no real Democratic Party organization here. Oh, there’s a county organization, but for all practical purposes, it is mostly powerless. Few sane young people wanting to make their way in local politics bother with anything other than the Republican Party.

I only chose to register as a Republican because my mother was standing next to me at the sign-in table at the polling place, staring at me with daggers in her eyes. I hadn’t the guts. I was eighteen and hadn’t had a chance to leave home and See The World, as it were.

But this very same mother, a few months ago, told us that she hated what Bush was doing so much she was going to become “a… a Democrat!” It was difficult for her to get the word out.

Since that time, it hasn’t seemed to matter enough to change. You get your ballot, you punch in your choices from whichever party. But it matters enough now. The Republican Party is trying to erase anything good about this country, mostly including those first ten ammendments to the wonderful Constitution that Mrs. Liebich made me study so thoroughly in 11th grade.

I don’t disagree with Bush on everything. I agree with his support of Israel. But if he stays in power, I’m afraid there won’t be enough of America left to be of any use to Israel. Or me.