Apologies in the news, or not

From the Jerusalem Post

‘Your next story’

To date, the large international networks have been unwilling to apologize for their false reports of Israel having carried out a massacre in Jenin during the campaign against the suicide bombers in April 2002.

Jonathan Van Caspel, 34, knows this from personal experience. He fought in Jenin as a reservist and lost 12 of his comrades in a Palestinian ambush. He was enraged by the media-created lie that the IDF had perpetrated a slaughter in Jenin.

“I’m not prepared for them to present my friends who fell in the battle, me, and Israel, as war criminals,” he told me.

In his campaign to reveal the truth about Jenin, Van Caspel has become the star of an exceptional documentary film: Jenin ā€” Massacring Truth, produced by Martin Himmel.

The unique feature of this amazing documentary is a confrontation between Van Caspel, the soldier bravely combating Palestinian terror in Jenin, and some of the foreign correspondents who published the lies about the massacre that wasn’t.

One woman journalist ā€” from Britain’s The Times ā€” even refused to meet Van Caspel, a refusal that is filmed.

She didn’t want to hear the truth, preferring to continue living with her lies about a “massacre.” She apparently lacked the elementary decency of Dan Rather, who apologized publicly for his false story about Bush.