Public service message to my friends who use IE

Visit this site, guys! Then, see the little Firefox button on the left?

StopIE: Help stop Internet Explorer, the worlds most popular and worst internet browser –

StopIE – Rid the web of Internet Explorer

Welcome to We are dedicated to the removal of Internet Explorer as the most common browser on the web. There are many reasons for this.

Internet Explorer’s Main Problems

There are countless bugs in Internet Explorer, but here are the main reasons to choose a free alternative.

* Prone to viruses and worms
* Renders pages incorrectly. Web designers then need to spend extra time working so that pages work in Internet Explorer. This puts costs up, and slows the web down.
* Doesn’t let people resize certain text sizes. This means those with poor sight cannot read small text on many sites.
* Far slower program than other web browsers
* Far larger program than other web browsers
* Isn’t as user-centric as other web browsers. It lacks many handy features such as tabbed browsing and integrated search
* Doesn’t support PNG images properly