Altitude affects creativity, did you know that? Here in Boulder, my husband tells me, we are at around 6,000 feet above sea level (but which sea, did you ever wonder that?) and it is around here that altitude sickness can begin.

Fatigue and queasiness and headaches and lack of appetite are what are getting me now. WebMD tells me that, if worse comes to worse, I gotta get out of here, or find some Diamox. But I am tough.

And I also needed a slight break from writing to get the last half of the damn novel worked out in my head. This whole nanowrimo thing has been a great revelation to me: instead of figuring I could do it, I am doing it. It is heaven to think that. So: whether or not I make it to 50K words by midnight on the 30th, I’m finishing this sucker, and I’m finishing it real soon.

Yah, Real Soon Now. A computer phrase! I love it!

2 thoughts on “Altitude

  1. patti you have to finish. we have to show buck and all the other people out there doing the same thing that it can be done. you are a insiration!!!
    so keep cooking.

    not to mention that we have to throw a big party for you!

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