It is night now

It is night now, and I have my copy of Bruce Chatwin’s Patagonia next to me and my pen case and lap desk.

I wish to be surrounded by extraordinary and appropriate things. I suppose I am. It takes a couple of decades, but it’s amazing what you can collect…

TV shows from Britain, one perfect fountain pen, lots of pictures. A dog with a red ball. Many cans of tea, some flavored, about a third of them green. Really only one oolong. A favorite room painted red. The ability to remember a lot of the lines of Eliot that I memorized when I was a teenager. Word-drunk.

And time to write it all down.

2 thoughts on “It is night now

  1. Stopping by from Fire Ant…
    Your “perfect fountain pen” — what kind is it? I’m developing an interest in them, and don’t know where to begin…

  2. I love my Pelikan fountain pen! Perfect, straightforward fountain pen. I even have to fill it from a bottle — no wussy cartridges for the Pelikan designers.


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