What goes around, comes around

Or, in other words, if you don’t care about the atrocities you commit, nobody else is going to care about the ones that happen to you. If you don’t regard others (non-Muslims) as human, how can you expect them (us) to act otherwise to you?

MEMRI: Latest News
“Nothing can be compared to what happened last month in Hilla. The Al-Zarqawi group claimed responsibility for the deaths of at least 124 people when a massive car bomb exploded in the worst incident since the U.S.-led invasion nearly two years ago. The coverage of this massacre in the Arab media was poor in general and rather sketchy. No clear condemnation of the act was heard from Arab nations. It is not that they supported or justified it, but it was merely a matter of neglecting the misery of others as long as it didn’t affect them. If this tragedy had happened in Palestine, for example, then the Arab reaction would have been overwhelming. And yet, Arabs wonder why their grievances don’t receive the attention of others!”

— Adel-Toraifi, Columnist for the Saudi daily Al-Watan

One thought on “What goes around, comes around

  1. …don’t regard others (non-Muslims) as human…

    And, obviously, it’s even worse than that, as they apparently don’t even regard their fellow Muslims as human. You must be the Right Kind of Muslim.

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