The next big thing

So I think I’ve finally figured out that we have our Next Big Thing™, that Great Menace which has come to fill the void in our American psyche since the Berlin Wall was torn down, and we no longer have the Communist Menace to focus our angst and fear on.

We have Islamic Terrorism. This has the additional advantage over the Communist Menace of my childhood in that real Muslim terrorists are really trying to kill us, unlike the imaginary Russians who were just waiting, I was constantly assured throughout childhood, to destroy Our Way Of Life, but who couldn’t have cared less.

Anyone else remember being taught to Duck and Cover under our school desks? I do. Right, that sure would have kept us alive in the event of a nuclear attack.

Yes, I fear the terrorists. The Islamic terrorists are evil. I support the war in Iraq. Somehow, though, I feel we’re giving up something in order to have this nice, comfortable Islamic Menace as a blanket item to fear. Perhaps it’s the idea that we have only this to fear. Terror in a convenient package.

I distrust that. Terror can’t possibly be that simple.

[outside the beltway]