Feline update

Lucy had a day-long series of tests yesterday at the vet’s. She is, it turns out, diabetic. They were testing her to see how much insulin she would initially need. She gets started off at 2 units once a day, and she goes back Tuesday for a checkup.

I just gave her her first shot, and she purred the whole time — she’d been on the floor, and I petted her first. Lucy also gets special diabetic cat food, and this pleases her no end. It’s very high in protein. She’s been craving cheese a lot lately.

And I just realized that I never caught you up on the saga of Satchel. Satchel, it turns out, has a mighty delicate constitution. The antibiotic that the Other Vet (not the usual cat-vet) (where he gets bathed) gave him was too strong, and was in the process of turning his digestive tract into shreds.

Our Favorite Cat Vet nursed him back to health with ulcer medicine and jars of turkey baby food, fed to him finger-fulls at a time. Also, he’s allergic, it would seem, to general Stuff… We now get an antihistamine daily, as well as special allergic-cat food.

So: I now have 2 cats who each get a different special diet, and different daily medication.

Thank G!d for Newton the Cat: he has no chronic illnesses, and can eat whatever I pour out of the bag.

The dog’s fine. Still overly proud of her possum-catching abilities, but fine, and normal. Sort of. Sort of normal, I mean. She still likes to use rocks as toys, but I don’t think anyone can fix that.

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2 thoughts on “Feline update

  1. I missed the part about Lucy’s diabetes. I’m glad to hear that she doesn’t mind the shots. I assume that you give them in the scruff of her neck, which is where we shoot Abbye…but she hates ’em. She’s up to 7 units twice a day; we started out at 4 units. I think we could go up another unit, but her vet is very conservative; he worries more about a crash than chronically high blood sugar.

    The things we’ll do for our animals…

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