I'm a what??

Ocean Guy asked me a couple of days ago how identifying myself as a conservative blogger sits with me. He’s not all that comfortable with the label, and I myself find it passing strange.

I’ve always thought of myself as a liberal. Freedom, rights to self-determination, etc. But somewhere along the line, when I wasn’t looking, the borders changed. Where I stand is territory now claimed by the conservatives.

I’d always thought of conservatives, when I was growing up, as those ridiculous redneck, John Birch loving, parental, Nixon-supporting people. Er, whatever. I think those guys, such as are still alive, are also still included in the mix.

But now, the liberals I’d unconsciously considered myself a member of, seem to regard “freedom” as a sort of enforced line of thought. All the parental US does has to be bad. We are all still children disagreeing with Mom and Dad, and staying out past curfew.

So I grew up. People can have different viewpoints, and not therefore have to consider each other bad. And there are really bad people out there, like the Islamofascists, who are, simply, wrong, and must be stopped.

And that’s where I am now, basically. It seems to be called “conservative” now. Whatever. Strange, yes, but there’s a lot stranger stuff out there.

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3 thoughts on “I'm a what??

  1. Age… Maturity… both factors in my situation too, but how do we explain what has happened to Joe Lieberman? How does a liberal like Joe get vilified as being too Republican? Is it all explainable by age or immaturity?

    What bothers me most is the fact that there are proscribed positions that “liberals” must have… and if you don’t agree with all of them then you aren’t part of their side… you can’t be on their team, and they are not willing to compromise on much at all. Especially among young liberals there seems to be a phenomenon that dictates positions to them… History be damned, it’s the party line that matters. To be truly a Democrat, or to be truly a liberal you have to believe a certain thing about a variety of issues… The whole groupthink trip is a huge bummer, man. What’s it going to take for the pendulum to start swinging back?

  2. All of that. I am a liberal, but the Democratic Party isn’t liberal any longer. And if you don’t fit exactly into their box, no extraneous pieces outside the box and no empty ones inside, they don’t want you. No differing opinions allowed!

    I am registered “no party” now (can’t be independent, because that’s the name of a party in this state).

  3. What bothers me is the petty ad hominem attacks by both sides. Why argue issues when it’s so much easier to villify people who don’t share your viewpoint.

    I remember Saturday Night Live’s “Point-Counterpoint” spoof with Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain. His “Jane you ignorant slut” was funny then – today, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar on a Fox News program.

    The level of intolerance and groupthink is not just one-sided. That’s why it persists.

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