I’m still at Moby Dick — that’s my official summer book. I had been under the impression that it was mainly about Captain Ahab’s attempt to find the whale and kill it. Rather, it’s all about whales in their various manifestations, all tied together with Ahab’s story. Definitely going to finish this one.

Peter has moved into his new apartment, but was just here to pick up some mail. He shows up here regularly. He misses us… he misses our company. There really is true satisfaction in having been a good parent. Or at least a good enough parent that he still likes, at age 20, being around his parents. He still doesn’t feel ready, though, to take full responsibility for his diabetic cat though.

Responsibility is still new. Just the other night, he told me, “Mom, I have to send a check to the electric company, or they’ll cut off my electricity!” I guess enlightenment always comes in big flashes like that.