I hate this time of the morning

Asphalt is dragging me out of bed this morning, early. 8:30 is early for me, at least. They dug up our street on Friday, two strips of asphalt gone. Now we must replace the old asphalt, which takes more time to replace than to dig up, it would seem.

So Dobby the computer and I will bail early, go have some coffee or something somewhere, and head back down to the Museum to continue with pasting our dinosaur tibia together. What else could there possibly be, except for cherry pie for breakfast?

At this point in my morning, pie seems to be the world’s most perfect food, especially pie with the crust properly flaky. I hope nobody dares disagree…

And argh! Two days till Nanowrimo starts! I must plan!

Playing: Mentre Il Sole Splende from the album “Departure Lounge – World Chill” by Zerosospiro

One thought on “I hate this time of the morning

  1. And on the seventh day, God rested…with a big honkin’ slice of cherry pie!

    Truly, there’s nothing more noble for the mortal (or immortal) palate.

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