Monday morning

Last week’s major chemotherapy round, and the Neulasta the day after, seems to have taken me away from the blog for a while, not to mention a few other places. I made sure I had my Vicodin this round, so the pain wasn’t as bad. However, the radiation is accumulating in my esophagus enough to make eating difficult.

Thank G-d for Smoothie King! Seriously. The stuff tastes good, and The Hulk seems almost to be tailor-made for chemo patients. Comes in 3 flavors, has all the nutrients you need in it for the day. And it’s made with ice-cream, too, so it tastes way better than Vicodin.

But I must go take my Vicodin and tea now, and think of something else to blog about, besides cancer and this endless rain we’ve been having.

4 thoughts on “Monday morning

  1. Patti! I’ve just learned about all this and am shocked! As you know, I’m not always the most tech-savy guy, in spite of the Montana Dino Blog, so I don’t regularly check things like this. Seeing it now, I am dumb-founded! I had no idea that you were ill, forgive me. My thoughts, and Mason’s, are with you and Buck (also Peter) and hope that all continues to go well and improve for you pronto. Please try to come in and see us if you feel up to it. We are both keen to see you and wish you the best in person…. G-

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