Twitter Updates for 2007-08-25

  • Waking up with the absurd notion that today will be purposeful and well-lived. #
  • Contemplating a former "friend" whom I’ve had to chuck out the window, so to speak. Why do I so often end up friends with con artists? #
  • is listening to "Missing U" by Tubbs from "Departure Lounge – World Chill" #
  • is listening to "Safe from Harm" by Massive Attack from "Blue Lines" #
  • is listening to "Superconscious (So Alive)" by Slipping Soma from "The Politics Of Dancing (Disc 1)" #
  • is listening to "Home (Navdeeps Pressure Mix)" by Karsh Kale from "Redesign – Realize Remixed" #
  • is listening to "Saint’s Name Spoken" by Harold Budd from "By the Dawn’s Early Light" #
  • is listening to "Someone (Slacker And Original Vocal Mix)" by Ascension from "Tranceport" #
  • is listening to "Cruelty" by Kosheen from "Resist" #
  • is listening to "Round the Bend" by The Beta Band from "The Beta Band" #
  • is listening to "Endless Quest" by Enigma from "The Screen Behind the Mirror" #
  • Trying to find a movie good enough to go to. #
  • lunch at Dushanbe teahouse in Boulder #

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