To contest, or not to contest

I am thinking about quitting NaNoWriMo. This morning, I woke up with sore hands. I’m afraid that too much typing (which is what I would have to do if I were to catch up on my word count) would push me over the edge into carpal tunnel syndrome. This, I very much do not want. I really don’t need or want another health problem.

However, I still want to work on the book that I have started for the contest. When Salman Rushdie was our guest at the Mercantile Library lecture, I mentioned NaNoWriMo to him, and the required word count of the day. He said that 500 words per day was more his speed. Now I figure, hey, why argue with a master. I’ll slog away at a slower pace.

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One thought on “To contest, or not to contest

  1. I think you have a sane attitude to NANO. It’s about using it as a springboard as far as I’m concerned.

    Oh. and will I get a chance to read 2006?

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