Kombucha, again

Wish me luck — I am trying kombucha again, allegedly grape flavored this time. I have no idea of the added flavors do anything for it, but y’all know, you’ll be the first to find out, unless my neighbors here at the Laughing Goat here me cursing at a drink bottle.

Sunshine yet again today here in the People’s Republic of Boulder. (and my kombucha exploded on opening 😛 ) Too much energy to stay at home. Gonna get me some writing done! Besides blog writing, that is.

3 thoughts on “Kombucha, again

  1. what is this sunshine of which you speak? I don’t believe we’ve seen it for oh, i believe it might be something like 15 days now. No sun. No moon. just gray. *sigh*

  2. Give up Michigan and come out to Colorado! We have lots of shiny sun here, though the mountains give us an early evening.

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