Thinking about a sentence

We went to see Atonement today, and it was absolutely wonderful. I suppose I could write about it, but I don’t intend this to be a movie review.

What is important to me now is its subject: no, not “love gone wrong” or “betrayal,” but that of getting the story right, like the Old Briony (portrayed by Vanessa Redgrave) does at the end, in her interview, giving out the last bit of truth.

I want to write a big think fantasy novel, like the ones you see in bookstores with either too much green or too much purple on the covers. Or I want to write an amusing comedy of manners, or I want to write a cozy British murder mystery. But none of this is the sort of thing that can happen, yet. What I have to do is get the real story down on paper (on screen) first.

To that end, I have written A Sentence, that is simple, and staring at me, and infuriating me already. No, you cannot read it yet. I just had to figure out a few things in writing first, and now I must go write some more.

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