I read a very thick book.

RIP David Foster Wallace
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This is my first full day of being a member of the Infinite Jest book group. As such, I have done not only a lot of reading, but have begun to realize the size of the task that I have set myself.

This thought makes perfect sense if you have just plowed through both the Erdedy and Wardine sections at the same sitting. The amount of voices in that book are staggering. No, I can’t really explain it without having you read the book too.

And so this is a bit of a difficult book to blog about. The need I have to try to write about it anyway is the same sort of need one has of dropping breadcrumbs along the way as you travel, hoping to give yourself some method of finding your way home.

One may never actually get back home, or even try. But one feels a bit safer if there is at least the illusion that a retreat exists.

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