I journey to London. I send back pictures.

Even though I can’t use it for its main purpose, my iPhone has gotten much use here in London for its picture-taking capabilities. [Aside — it can also be used to play Angry Birds with on the Underground, but that wasn’t me — that was the guy sitting next to me. Honest!]

We started off the morning walking to the house where not just one but two musical innovators lived, although not at the same time. George Frideric Handel moved here to London with a whole lot of other people when the Elector of Hanover became King George I, and rented the top floors of this house… Couldn’t resist getting a shot of an actual door handle that Handel might have used.
Handel's doorknob

I get carried away. I also got a picture of his bedroom, though the upholstery isn’t quite the original.
Handel's bed

At around this part of the house tour, I found out something else about Handel’s house: you can’t take pictures there, except for in the wardrobe closet where they have a few pieces of fancy dress so you can put 18th century clothes on your husband and take pictures of him; Buck didn’t want to do this part.

If we had had proper tickets, we could have seen the offices of the second great musician to have lived at this address:

(That last picture of Jimi Hendrix came from an article in the Daily Telegraph. I’d have been there but I was kind of like in the eighth grade…)

Jimi Hendrix gets the blue plaque, not Handel. Hmm…
Jimi's plaque

No word on whether Handel’s spirit had any influence on Hendrix; the tour guides were mute on this point.

After lunch, we spotted perhaps the most prestigious address in London, or anywhere, that a pigeon can have:
Nelson's column, Trafalgar Square

Quite near there, one can find yet another house rented by yet another American (Is this a trend?), Ben Franklin.
Franklin's London house

He had to leave at last in 1775. Politics again.

That’s it for now. Wish I could stay for more London, but the Fashion Week crowds in the hotel we’re at are starting to get a little obnoxious.