so you go

And your day stretches out in front of you like a yard of velvet, green with the coming of autumn, and it begs for definition and boundaries. So you give it boundaries, and divide it up into its many possible classifications, each one of them building upon that which has gone before, none striking out Continue reading so you go

getting the word out

Your help requested…So…. this is one that people with blogs and livejournals and fansites, and news-sites and such may want to help get the word out on. Stick it up on message boards. (But only where people who might be interested congregate.) There’s an at-short-notice SANDMAN:ENDLESS NIGHTS signing happening. It’ll be on Monday the 22nd Continue reading getting the word out


blogfodder asks: If you were a reporter, what would your “beat” be? My beat would be the sound words make when they first hit the air. Ain’t nothin’ else to it…