so you go

And your day stretches out in front of you like a yard of velvet, green with the coming of autumn, and it begs for definition and boundaries. So you give it boundaries, and divide it up into its many possible classifications, each one of them building upon that which has gone before, none striking out entirely on its own. No directions that have not been taken before.

Because you have been trying for so long. (And have come so far.)

A book: chapters. An outline. You will spend five pages a day of time on it, like Robert B. Parker does. Whether it takes you an hour or six. No, you will not make dinner afterwards, especially not spaghetti, like Garp does, because you disapprove of John Irving’s overly expansive personality. You would rather be like Parker, even if it does mean wearing a fancy sweatsuit all day.

You decide to write it in BBEdit because nobody really needs all the bells and whistles that Word comes with. So you think about an outline while you hit the “Publish” button….