getting the word out

Your help requested…

this is one that people with blogs and livejournals and fansites, and news-sites and such may want to help get the word out on. Stick it up on message boards. (But only where people who might be interested congregate.)

There’s an at-short-notice SANDMAN:ENDLESS NIGHTS signing happening. It’ll be on Monday the 22nd of September 2003 — two weeks from now — in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the Barnes and Noble 2051 N. Federal Hwy Ft Lauderdale, FL — — the link is to the store locator, which doesn’t yet show me signing there, as it’s been put together, as I said, at pretty short notice. (I have to go to Florida and say hello to a throng — or whatever the collecting noun is — of Barnes and Noble store managers.) The signing is going to start at 6.00pm,

I know it’s not much notice, but I would hate to spend the next couple of years apologising to people in the Florida/Georgia/SouthEast area for not letting them know I was going to be there and signing.

So if anyone can help spread the word, I’d be very grateful. Right now, the Ft lauderdale and the two short New York is Book Country signings are the only Endless Nights signings in the US. I wanted to do a San Francisco or an LA one, but time is pretty tight towards the end of the year, and even though I want to do them, I doubt very much they’ll happen at this point.

So it’s B&N, Fort Lauderdale, Monday the 22nd of Sept at 6.00pm.

[Neil Gaiman’s Journal]