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Don’t know why I didn’t find Meryl Yourish’s blog before, but perhaps it’s one of those delayed fate things. I would have felt so much better after finding the Easterblogg bit of hatred if I’d found her blog as well. Maybe the universe just needs me to stop cranking so it can let me find the stuff I need.

So, reading her blog, I found this following. She states things so very properly..

The casual anti-Semitism of civil society

This is the reason I got so upset with Gregg Easterbrook’s words about Jewish Hollywood executives: They are reflective of the casual anti-Semitism of civil society.

In other words, they’re the sort of thing that people say when they think there are no Jews around to object.

Eve Simon sent me a letter yesterday. We haven’t crossed paths in quite some time, not since a debate about “passing” went around the blogosphere. Various women bloggers were writing about which of us look Jewish, and which do not�hence being able to “pass” for Gentile.

I don’t “look” Jewish. If my Star of David is out of sight, I hear things that my Jewish-looking peers only hear from professed bigots. Like the time I was at a party at my then-best friend’s house. Jackie Mason had just gotten engaged. So had Donald Trump. My cousin and I were talking to a few of the guests, none of whom were Jewish, and the topic was Donald Trump and the gigantic diamond engagement ring he had bought Marla. The men and women were agreed that she was one lucky woman, and that was just an amazing ring. Then someone brought up Jackie Mason’s new bride, and the gigantic diamond engagement ring he had bought her. “So ostentatious,” one woman said. “Isn’t that just like a Jew? They have to show off their money,” said another. My blood pressure was rising, and I was about to say something when my cousin pulled me aside and begged me not to make a scene. I let him persuade me, stalked off to talk to the hostess and tell her what kind of horrible guests she had, and went to the backyard, where I saw the woman again a few minutes later. I made sure my Star of David was prominently displayed this time, and went up to her, glaring. She got the message and walked away. She couldn’t meet my gaze.

This is the kind of casual anti-Semitism that gets experienced by Jews every day, all around the world. Those people saw absolutely no logical disconnect between the two examples. Donald Trump was being a good fianc�, Jackie Mason was one of those showoff rich Jews.

But there are many more examples. Called a lawyer a “shylock” lately? How many times have you heard the phrase “Jew someone down”? How many times have you used it yourself? Moonbat Mahathir’s speech about Jews controlling the world is accepted belief in the Arab nations. And in other parts of the world, including right here in America.

When I went to my local Chrysler dealer to get my warranty extended a few months ago, I was told by the salesman that he wasn’t the man whose picture was on the desk. No, that was the Jewboy who had the day off.

Casual. Unthinking. Clueless. Anti-Semitic.

So when I see anti-Semitic accusations introduced in a screed about movie violence, it sets off alarms for me. The ones that say we should not let this use of casual anti-Semitism pass. The ones that say we need to stop these uses of it before it becomes the kind that lead to the destruction and death that have been the history of the Jew.

Many people don’t even realize that their words are hateful. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of pointing it out. I don’t intend to stop pointing it out. And frankly, I don’t give a damn if people get mad at me because of it. You’re not the one that’s going to suffer for anti-Semitism. I am. My brothers will. My family and friends. The strangers who read my weblog. Allison. Imshin.Lynn. The boys at Protocols. And you too, Diane.

When the use of anti-Semitic phrases is no longer a casual thing, I’ll stop. But I don’t expect that to happen in my lifetime.

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  1. My kids call me paranoid. But it is something I cannot stop. Growing up in post holocaust America I inherited a seventh sense which I call the jew sense. My senses are always alert. On game shows I note the jewish contestants, I always check out jewish names in the news, and I constantly analyse our images in the media. Living in Israel I am a bit removed from the media, but perhaps I am more objective. In the media I note that anti-semitism has another guise. Whether it be the dark suited hassidim that are in crimes involving money. Or even more insidious comic images that are popular like the Nanny or Grace on will and Grace. I shudder when those images appear on the television. What is even worse is that we generate them and create them.

  2. give me a break? u guys already got soooo much money from the US. Keep crying “anti-semetic” like little babies yet u own most of media…………….grow up

  3. Thanks, Al, for letting me know what’s in your heart. I hope your heart heals as mine continues to.

    I feel too good right now to let you get to me, so I forgive you for your hatred, intentional on your part or not.

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