A trip, again

(written earlier)

Now I sit here waiting at the airport, hoping that Delta does not cancel the second flight that we have been shifted to. We will end up at JFK instead of LaGuardia, but that beats taking a flight that would land us in Newark, or deity forbid, Newburgh, which is a two hour drive from Manhattan.

However, I don’t want to turn this into a post griping about Delta and its business practices. We have already promised ourselves that we’re going to fly United as much as possible from here on out into the foreseeable future.

In whatever way I get there, Manhattan awaits. I feel like shouting some Walt Whitman into the wind, or making some other equally silly poetical exclamation. I will contain myself, though. Shouting poetry does not go down well in a post 9/11 world.

3 thoughts on “A trip, again

  1. …Shouting poetry does not go down well in a post 9/11 world….

    do you realize just how sad that is?

    Poetry is not a Whitman of mass destruction.

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