Old stuff

I just found a slightly older journal of mine, stuck, literally, to the bottom shelf of my nightstand here. It was leather — still is — just a bit scarred at the moment.

I seem to go through lots of journals; it’s not that I write fast, but more that I switch journal books mid-stream. I also write a lot on the laptop, currently in a program called VooDoo Pad. It looks like a simple text editor, but is actually a personal wiki, and can create a link to an astonishing number of things.

So, do I write so much because I have something to say, or because I like the feel of the words being created underneath my fingertips? I’m going to contemplate that one for the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “Old stuff

  1. in reference to the two questions in the last paragraph, it could very well be both. being able to successfully turn out journals in a rapid period of time is because you have a lot on your mind; you have things to share with others and your readers, appreciate when you take yourself out of your element and tell us what you are feeling. also, if you are anything like me, i love to put my thought into word and when i do this, i sometimes get carried away. in other words i am loving the “feelings of the words being created underneath my fingertips.” i could consider my ability to bless others’ blogs with educated postings and create posts on my blog that readers can relate to, is a gift from the almighty.

    have you ever been someone’s blog that truly just sucks!? i mean no disrespect in this, but it really is the truth. their content is just ridiculous and i freakin’ can not stand ramblers; that is a way to lose my interest if you drop me a line and say “hey check out my blog.” some bloggers just aren’t good at delivering their message to their readers to the point where the readers are even interested in leaving comments.

    basically i am here now because my good ol’ blogrush widget directed me here. i came, i read, and i liked, so i had to leave my reply and give you my two cents. great stuff! you will see me around!

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  2. Well, I’m glad you stopped on by, Marcus! Now I’m all set to go out and just write till my hand cramps up.

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