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Infinite Jest
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Following is one of the (many) websites that I have found that have to do with David Foster Wallace, and also his most famous work, Infinite Jest. This is a book that is, to say the very least, sprawling. Also huge. One that demands careful attention at all times due to quick changes of voice and viewpoint. I am certain that I can’t describe the plot.

There is, this summer, a massive literary occasion online in which willing individuals, such as myself, have promised themselves to sit around and read the whole of Infinite Jest by, I believe, September 22. I have no idea why the choice of that date was made. Perhaps it even has something to do with the book, or DFW.

This event sounds like the overwhelming, symbolic and not-entirely-meaningful event that I was looking for to occupy my days lately. I have no idea how this will turn out.


Infinite Summer


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3 thoughts on “A summer's reading

  1. Patti, dear, the Infinite Summer project lasts—exactly—the summer, from the first day, June 21, the solstice, to the last day, the day before the first day of fall, September 21.

    It’s like, uh, cosmic.

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